A short introduction for those who know less.
What's a fightstick?

Historically i FightstickSW Arcade Sticks were born in the mid-90s, with the advent of home consoles that allowed the young people of the time to play at home those fighting games that normally played in the arcade. The controls of the arcade cabinets consisted of a lever (joystick) and buttons, mounted on the dashboard of the cabinet, while the home consoles were supplied with joypads. The arcade stick they were born as handcrafted products designed to allow kids to play with joysticks and buttons on their consoles, instead of using joypads. This way the kids could train at home as if they were in the arcade. Since then, fighsticks have not ceased to exist and for each console produced special fighsticks have been created. Today with the term fightstick we mean different models of controllers, such as Arcade Sticks, the Hitbox (all buttons), Mixbox and many more. However, all these controllers share the fact that they are mainly used to play fighting and arcade games (two-dimensional, which require only 4 directions to be played). The term fighstick can be synonymous with Arcade Controller (which refers to arcades) in general. With the term Arcade Stick usually means the controller using Joysitck lever and buttons, to differentiate it from those Fightsticks which instead only have buttons like the hitbox, mixboxes etc.

Why use a fightstick?

Answering this question is as difficult as it is simple. It is not said that a fightstick the performance of a player improves, but the ergonomics, the quality of the components, the sensations that a fightstick well done it can give are absolutely not comparable to what a commercial joypad provides. The weight and the large dashboard available in front of the player provide a solid support for the hands, optimal control, an advanced tactile feedback compared to the normal joypad. Once you have switched to a fightstick usually there is no going back.

I fightsticks increase your chance of winning?

The controller does not determine victory, but the player's relationship with his controller can determine it. If the player is relaxed, confidently comfortable with his own fightstick the win rates can definitely increase. In addition, the high quality fighsticks are built with first choice components that guarantee performance, reduced input lag and structural solidity.

What games can I play with a fightstick?

With a fightstick you can play all games that do not require a double movement system to be played (such as 3d games, where one pad moves the body of the character and the other rotates the view). They can therefore be played with a fightstick: Fighting Games, Shoot 'Em Ups, Beat' Em Ups, Run & Gun, Puzzle Games, Side-Scrolling Platformers, Old-School Arcade Games, Indie Games and many more.

Why do the arcade stick are expensive?

- Arcade sticks are not expensive, if you look at the relationship between quality and price. Arcade controllers are very different objects from joypads. The construction quality, the amount of material, the components used in the construction, the quality of finishing and the craftsmanship dimension of their production determine the great difference in cost between a arcade stick hand made with care and an industrial joypad. The Arcade StickTop-notch s are built with fine materials, wood, plexiglass and high quality components such as joysticks and buttons Sanwa, Seimitsu, Brook boards. These components at the source are very expensive and determine the final price of the object.

How long does it take to get used to a Fightstick?

The curve of adaptation to a new type of controller depends from person to person, from player to player, no doubt. Usually in a couple of hours or a day you can already understand the potential of a fightstick compared to a common joypad.

What's a'Hitbox?

La Hitbox is a controller with a button-only layout. The four cardinal directions of movement (up, down, left, right), which a arcade stick classic are operated by the lever joystick, in thehitbox they are operated with a further 4 buttons in addition to the attachment buttons. L'hitbox allows a speed of execution of the special moves that with arcade stick classic is impossible to achieve. With a arcade stick to perform a hadouken you have to rotate the lever for a quarter of a turn, a movement that takes time, while with one hitbox the same move can be performed by simply pressing the down and right key in quick succession. This greatly reduces the player's reaction time.

Why the Hitbox is it prohibited?

La Hitbox It is NOT prohibited, as long as the controller board is equipped with a SOCD (Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions) cleaner. All Brook cards are. Unlike lever joysticks (for which games like Street Fighter were designed), where it is impossible to simultaneously operate the right and left control (the lever moving to the right releases the left control necessarily), with the hitbox you can hold the left and right keys together at the same time. This, at the appearance of thehitbox on the market, it has brought problems with the use of charge characters like Guile or Blanka in Street Fighter. With a hitbox in fact it is possible in principle to launch a Sonic Boom without having to reload the move again and wait, since the left button can never be released even after pressing the right button. The Socd cleaner is a device, physical or digital, which prevents the simultaneity of the cardinal directions in hitbox. With the socd cleaner, when simultaneously pressing left and right together, one of the two opposite directions is deactivated, thus preventing the problem of the aforementioned charging characters. The hitbox with SOCD cleaner are accepted in tournaments.