Design and Restoration Service.


We want our controllers to last for many years ...

We have recently improved and developed the design of our controllers.

We have developed a fully removable button housing system and expanded the compatibility of mountable buttons. 

The plates are now able to accommodate Sanwa snap-in, Seimitsu and Crown screw-in buttons.

Starting from September 2021, all controllers are completely demountable, in order to guarantee the maintenance and complete restorability of the main wooden body.

Also starting from September 2021 all wooden houses are painted or finalized (clear coat) with two-component paints. Two-component paints have a resistance 4-6 times higher than normal one-component paints.

In case, after a long time and use (situations of stress and extreme use), there is a need to completely restore the case and bring it back to "new" condition, for those who have already purchased one of our controllers we offer at a symbolic price (costs of shipping + 30 €) a restoration service.

We want to try to establish a long-term relationship with our customers.

The beauty of wood lies in the fact that it is a living material. 



 Between wood and 3d:

We have developed, because we like complex things, a housing system for buttons that does not require glue.

It took a lot of testing and effort to do it. All components mounted to the wooden main body can be removed with a simple 2mm Allen wrench, so you can clean the controller and make adjustments as needed. We used a two-component paint (acrylic base) to maximize the strength and durability of the color. A two-component paint is 3-5 times stronger than a normal one-component paint. The RAL code of the color used is also shown on the back of the controller. The RAL code allows you to reproduce the exact color used to make small adjustments. If it is necessary following an occasion, having to recolor a deep scratch, communicating the RAL code in any shop that offers a paint production service will make you buy the dye used to color the controller for just over € 15. The same thing goes for a total restoration over the years. With the RAL code you can completely repaint the main wooden body and bring it back to its original state.


The housing of the buttons on the main plate, at the time of writing this leaflet, guarantees compatibility with the following types of buttons: 24 mm: Sanwa snap-in, Seimitsu screw, 202 crown. 30mm: Sanwa snap, Seimitsu a screw and snap, Crwon 202 Top plates: all 24mm snap buttons with 3mm snap plates (Sanwa and Seimitsu), screw buttons with nut diameter less than 30mm. Joystick (arcade stick): Our houses have been designed primarily to mount Sanwa JLF-8Y-T, however the holes also ensure compatibility with SE Seimitsu plates. Given the difference in depth between the various Joysticks and the reduced height of ours arcade stick, write to us if you want to change the Jlf with a Seimitsu.